MEO Wallet SDKs and Plugins

Ecommerce Plugins

MEO Wallet makes available plugins for some of the most popular e-commerce platforms. These are ready to use packages and don’t require software development skills. We currently support the following platforms:

Mobile SDKs

The mobile SDKs help you integrate the payment process into your mobile application. They are not standalone, you should have a server side part of your application making the ProCheckout API calls. Technically, you can call them from a mobile but that means storing your API key in the mobile application which is strongly discouraged.

The mobile SDKs decide whether to continue the payment flow on the native MEO Wallet application or on the responsive mobile ready website and automatically continue via that method. At the end of the process the user will be redirected back to your app using the redirect URLs as happens on the web.

We have iOS and Android versions of the mobile SDK.

mPOS direct integration

You can also use the MEO Wallet application to manage the payment for your custom mobile application during a face to face payment. By using a custom URL scheme, your application can trigger the MEO Wallet application on the TPA mode ready to accept a configured payment.

For instance, the following URL will open the MEO Wallet Sandbox application ready to accept a 7.6€ payment:


We support the following parameters:

Field Type Description
amount integer value to pay in cents (base currency * 100)
invoiceId string(25) [A-Za-z0-9_-] your invoice identifier
url_confirm string Base32 of the URL where the user will be redirected after a successfull payment
url_cancel string Base32 of the URL where the user will be redirected after a failed payment

If you want to test your application on our sandbox environment simply change the scheme to ​meowalletsandbox.